Get more from your Landrover. Capable and impressive aftermarket performance gear.

The first thing you’ll notice when you take a look over our range of Discovery performance upgrades and accessories is that many of them look remarkably different to the stock units. Whilst some of our changes in design might not be overly noticeable at first, the sound and power gains will definitely speak for itself. 

Discover more power and explore new heights

Look over our performance exhaust system for the Land Rover Discovery and you’ll see that we’ve added double braided stainless bellows that give superior strength. Perfect when you get off the beaten track. You will also notice there’s a big difference in the Cat – ours are heavy duty and high-flow which helps to keep your system cool and reduces your engine from overheating when really pushing the limits and you need power the most. 

Sophisticated and Australian made

Here at Legendex we love getting off the beaten track and getting covered in mud, but we also appreciate the finer things in life – like our sturdy, heavy duty brackets. They’re built so when you’re off-road you know nothing’s going to move or snap and the 3 inch muffler with extra large pipe is going to give you a sound that you can feel in your chest when you hit the accelerator!

Brains and brawn brought together. Buy online today or call us on (61)7 3203 2333 to order.