Legendex Exhaust FAQ's

Author: Christian Simms  Date Posted:15 May 2023 

We've put together some frequently asked questions about our flagship aftermarket product - the Legendex Exhaust. Getting the best performance from your four wheel drive is all about modifying it the right way. With an aftermarket Legendex exhaust, you can make sure that your vehicle is performing at its peak potential and gaining maximum power.

Are you wondering what a Legendex Exhaust can do?

You're not alone. As 4WD owners, it's important to make sure we have the right parts and accessories so our vehicles are running in optimal condition.

That's where the Legendex Exhaust comes into play. It is designed to improve both engine performance and sound, while offering superior exhaust flow over stock units - ultimately delivering more power with enhanced fuel efficiency and longevity of components. If this sounds too good to be true, read on! We've put together some frequently asked questions about our flagship aftermarket product - the Legendex Exhaust – which should help you determine if it's something that could benefit your vehicle!

Will a Berserker pipe give me more power?

Maybe a small increase - but not sigificant. Our Legendex mufflers have a straight-through internal design which does not hinder flow. On the dyno there will be less than 1% difference between a Legendex system with a muffler versus a Berserker.

What is the sound difference with a Berserker?

The Berserker pipe is all about the sound - the warrior's roar - like the ancient berserker warrior. He sounds tough and intimidating but not as loud as you might think. The turbo does a lot of silencing and a berserker system is not offensively loud - and is only really distinctive when your fang it.

What does a Legendex muffler system sound like?

It's known as the Legendex rumble. Women love it and blokes want to sound like it. A few decibels louder than the stock system but with that note of menace that we secretly love. 

Which upgrade should I do first - Tune or exhaust?

If you not doing them both together (the best option) what goes first?

Each mod produces good power and torque gains on their own. A tune will gain a more than the exhaust. But doing the tune on its own causes the engine to run richer and hotter. Exhaust is the mod to do first because the engine runs cooler and more economically. 

Can I install the exhaust/PCM/other products myself?

Yes, definitely. All our products are genuine DIY. Easy to follow illustrated instructions are provided. No specialist tools or skills are required.

Why do you use 409 grade Stainless Steel?

409 Stainless Steel is the superior choice for your exhaust systems ... 409 offers the best combination of both long life, corrosion resistance and heat cycle endurance. This is endorsed by the fact that most vehicle manufacturers choose 409 stainless for their factory exhaust systems. In fact we purchase our 409 tube from the same mill that supplies Toyota.

Aluminized Mild Steel vs 409 Stainless Steel ... which is better?

Aluminised mild steel is an adequate product for automotive exhaust applications - but 409 stainless is the best. Both offer excellent heat resistance and both can be easily welded. 409 offers more corrosion resistance than aluminised which has less resistance to exhaust gasses. The aluminising process requires the mild steel be hot-dip coated with an aluminum-silicon alloy containing between 5 and 11% silicon to promote better adherence. Both aluminium and silicon have a low relative melting point and the coating is degraded over time by the exhaust heat. Because the corrosion resistance of aluminised steel is only a very thin coating, it can be damaged, but the corrosion resistant properties of 409 stainless are inherent throughout the metal.

Mild steel exhausts are about half the price - are they better value?

No, not in our opinion. A mild steel exhaust only carries a short warranty - if any at all. That's because the manufacturer doesn't expect it to last. In harsh conditions mild steel can rust to the point of breaking in 1-2 years. You could go through 3 or more mild steel exhausts in the life of one Legendex exhaust. The mild steel ends up costing much more than the Legendex exhaust.

304 Stainless Steel vs 409 Stainless Steel ... which is better?

409 is a titanium stabilized ferritic stainless steel which means that it is a steel alloy containing chromium. It contains less nickel and more carbon than 304 stainless steel. Ferritics are best suited for high temperature applications that require corrosion resistance and high strength. The principal use of 409 stainless steel is automotive exhaust systems and most catalytic converter shells are made of 409. More workable and stable than 304, 409 will accept bending and heat cycling better than 304. 409 resists both atmospheric and exhaust gas corrosion. It is magnetic due to its higher carbon content. Through chemical reaction, it oxidizes to a slight brownish hue which aids in corrosion resistance. While it does not polish well, it offers the advantages of higher strength and longer life due to its tolerance of heat cycling. Be sure to ask for 409 Stainless for your exhaust system to get the best combination of both long life, corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

If this is stainless steel why is it magnetic?

It is commonly believed that stainless steel is not magnetic. This is true of grades of stainless that have a high content on chromium (such as 304 or 316 stainless steel) but 409 grade stainless steel is magnetic due to its higher carbon content.

I can see a tan or brown on the 409 stainless - is that rust?

No. Through chemical reaction, the surface of 409 sometimes oxidizes to a slight brownish hue. This oxidized layer actually aids in corrosion resistance. Under normal operating circumstances 409 will never rust out like mild steel.

Can I take my 4WD on the beach with my Legendex stainless exhaust system?

In short, at your own risk. The ONLY grade of stainless steel that will not rust when exposed to salt water is 316 marine grade stainless (but even 316 will rust eventually). It is not practical to build 4wd exhaust systems from 316 grade stainless. Any lesser grade of stainless than 316 WILL rust sooner or later when exposed to salt water (and salt-laden sand flung up onto the vehicle from driving on the beach). Exposure to salt water voids any Legendex warranty for corrosion related damage. If you do drive on the beach we strongly recommend that you thoroughly wash your exhaust system with fresh water after each exposure. Failure to do so will risk rusting your 409 grade stainless steel exhaust - and worse, it may jeopardize your safety by rusting your vehicle's frame, suspension, bearings and body pan - all of which are more susceptible to rust than the 409 stainless.

Are Legendex 4WD systems totally stainless?

We use the best materials for the job. That means most components are made from 409 stainless steel. We use polished 304 grade stainless for the mufflers cases and some exhaust tips (where heat is not a problem). Where heat is a major issue (like turbo dumps) we use ceramic-coated 409 stainless steel for better durability and rapid heat transfer out of the engine bay.

What's the benefit of ceramic-coated dump pipes?

The ceramic coating on our dump pipes improves your engine performance. It does this by reducing engine bay temperatures. The coating not only insulates, it rapidly transfers the exhaust heat through the exhaust and out of the engine bay. Typically the outer temperature of a ceramic coated dump pipe will be 120-200 degrees celsius cooler than without the coating. Cooler engine bay temperatures means cooler intake temperatures which significantly improves engine performance and promotes longer engine life. The coating also keeps your dump pipe looking great.

Are your cats high-flow?

Yes. Some people have been told that cats with only 100 cells per square inch have a higher potential flow rate than 200 cell cats. This is true if the cats are the same size (total area in square inches) but our 200 cell cats have a much larger area - and so they flow better. A better flow is about the right flow, the right resistance for the turbo, and bigger is not always faster flow. See also "What are the benefits of a cat" below.

Do I need a cat?

You are required to have a catalytic converter on your vehicle if your vehicle originally came for the manufacturer with one installed. Vehicles that never had a cat are exempt. The only other exception is for off-road use - where the heat retained in the cat can be a fire risk (eg: when stopping the vehicle in long grass) and many farmers opt to have no cat for this reason.

What are the benefits of a cat?

We encourage you to have a cat installed because of the emission benefits and because we strategically position our cats to enhance the flow dynamics - reducing the chance of turbo over spooling - and there is minimal effect on performance with our high-flow cats. Dyno tests have demonstrated the loss of less than 2% power (2-3 horsepower) with a Legendex exhaust with cat installed versus a Legendex exhaust with no cat.

Are your cats Euro spec compliant?

Yes. Legendex only uses diesel specific cats that are compliant to the latest Euro specs.

How long will your cats last?

Many exhaust manufacturer only warranty their cats for 1-2 years, if at all. Legendex cats carry a 10 year warranty. Cats are an expensive component of an exhaust system and there are many cheap versions used - including petrol cats and mild steel cats with ceramic cores which have a relatively short life. Legendex cats have stainless cores - they are stainless inside and out and include a stainless heat shield. They have to be the best to carry the Legendex 10 year warranty. 

What's inside your stainless mufflers

Many imported so-called stainless mufflers have a stainless outer case but have mild steel internals which quickly rust out. Legendex mufflers ONLY have stainless steel internals and will never rust out. Other mufflers only have fibreglass wool packing inside and will require repacking because the fibreglass gets sucked out through the exhaust over time - typically between 2-3 years. Legendex have stainless wool internal wrapping which ensures the packing will last the full 10 years warranty.

How easy are Legendex systems to fit?

Legendex are a DIY product and are guaranteed to fit perfectly - or your money back. That means you won't need to cut, weld, alter mounting points like with other supposedly DIY systems. We use the factory mounting points. You don't need a hoist or jack - we test fit every exhaust on our backs in the dirt. Most other brands require a workshop hoist to fit and so are not true DIY (unless you have your own workshop hoist). We are proud of our reputation of building systems that fit better and easier than other after-market exhaust systems. And we are constantly re-developing our existing product range for even easier fitting and to be compatible with more and more aftermarket suspension kits and long-range fuel tanks. Your Legendex exhaust comes with detailed illustrated instructions that make installation even easier.

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