Legendex Big Boy Intercoolers

The Legendex Big Boy intercoolers are for the serious off-roader wanting the best from their 4WD turbo diesel engine.

Cool Under Pressure Move over kiddies - the Big Boys are here! Big, new, man-size plumbing so even the hardest working bloke (and his 4WD) can stay cool under pressure. At 48% cooler charge air temperatures than stock, you get up to 3 times more efficient cooling (results will vary between vehicles). That means better performance for towing, off-road and hillclimbs. A more efficient engine means better fuel economy and longer engine life.


For off-roaders who take their vehicles out for serious adventures, the Legendex Big Boy intercoolers offer a great way to keep your engine running at its best. Not only will these intercoolers help your engine stay cool under pressure, but you can also enjoy up to three times better performance than stock, improved fuel economy and longer engine life.

How the Big Boy Intercooler Works

The Legendex Big Boy is designed to provide up to 48% cooler charge air temperatures than stock intercoolers. This helps reduce stress on your vehicle’s engine which can lead to improved performance, better fuel economy and longer engine life. The intercooler also has bigger plumbing which makes it more efficient in cooling down the air that goes into your engine. Additionally, it features an aluminium core which provides superior heat transfer compared to plastic cores.

Benefits of Using Big Boy Intercoolers

Using a high-quality intercooler like the Legendex Big Boy means you get improved performance from your 4WD turbo diesel engine. You’ll be able to enjoy the better performance when towing, off-roading or hillclimbing thanks to its increased cooling efficiency. With this increased efficiency comes better fuel economy as well as longer engine life since you won’t have to worry about putting too much strain on your vehicle’s powerplant. And since these intercoolers are made from durable materials, you know they'll last for years - even with heavy use!

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The Legendex Big Boy intercoolers are designed for serious off-road adventurers looking for maximum performance from their 4WD turbo diesel engines. These intercoolers can help you get more out of every ride while improving fuel economy and extending engine life.

Whether you're just getting started with off-roading or looking for ways to improve your existing setup, these intercoolers are worth checking out!

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