Legendex Rogue Molle Roof Console

The Rogue Molle Roof Storage Console takes advantage of unused space in your offroad rig. You can keep cargo securely in place and out of the way while easy to access overhead. It’s the ideal way to store maps, UHF Radios, Switches, Molle pouches, off-road gear, and light tools, easily customised to suit your personal style.

Don't settle for plastic roof consoles for your custom. The Legendex Rogue Molle roof console is designed to be stylish, adaptable and long-lasting. The 2mm Aluminium welded body is easily drilled and modified to mount practically any accessory.

5 Carling switch slots have been laser cut for an easy access switch panel and the legendary Rogue Molle pattern runs the underside of the Jimny roof console so you can custom mount a range of Molle accessories.

The Military inspired Legendex Rogue Molle pattern has been carefully chosen to give you the largest possible range of Molle style fitting options available.

What is MolleTraditional military Molle is webbing 38 x 25mm. The engineering team at Legendex has taken this field-proven system and improved it for the Australian off-road community.

With the genuine Rogue Molle pattern, Now you have more mounting options than ever before.

Quickfist systems, RAM Mounts, custom brackets and most mainstream mounting systems can be easily fitted using the 10mm X 40mm Slots. This row is also great for Anderson Plugs, power panels and hiding wiring. Off the shelf Molle pouches and canvas tool holders, fit easily to the 40mm X 25mm Pattern. Flush mounting 12V sockets, lights and meters can be modified to suit fitment to this row. The combination of both the larger and smaller pattern makes the Legendex Rogue Molle Window panels easy to see through when required.


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