Legendex Rock Sliders

Legendex Rock Sliders

Not just a step these are the strongest rockslider on the market.

Protection for your 4WD is no joking matter, get serious with 4mm x 50mm box steel tubing. Ultra strong brackets that cup the chassis. Fitting is tight with almost no play so you know these slider wont move when you get into the real tracks. Because when you're sliding you don't want any movement causing damage.



Narrow at the front the modern look of these sliders are ADR compliant airbag compatable, our unique stepped-rear design will give you that extra safety punching the car 3-4 inches away from the rut as you slide, extra protection for your sill and rear panels. With military-style reversed dimple-die plates for strength, foot grip and drainage our rock sliders are second to none.

A high lift jack can be used anywhere along the slider if needed. Easy to install, these Rock sliders cup and bolt directly over your chassis.

Exclusive to Legendex, our rock sliders provide your vehicle with the most robust, reliable, and durable protection on the market.

How to install your Rock Sliders!
Get on the tools with Barney as he takes you through how to fit your sliders, if you have anymore questions on how to fit your sliders please email customerservice@legendex.com.au or call the team on (07) 3203 2333.