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Legendex & DMW are premier vehicle builders in Australia. So joining forces to bring DMW to Brisbane was a no brainer.

Doesn’t matter if you need a tray for carrying the tools around or the ultimate touring vehicle, Legendex & DMW can provide a solution tailored to your needs. Legendex & DMW offers everything from simple GVM upgrade to show room level dual-cab conversions and turn-key touring solutions. With Legendex's & DMW’s inhouse expertise and partnering with leading industry brands you can be rest assured that you will get a solution that will last you a lifetime.

Trays | XTR | XT | PREMIUM


The XTR tray package is our most popular tray package. With stylish good looks, functional storage solution and very light weight, it is no wonder more and more customers from around Australia are choosing the XTR tray to go onto their vehicle.

The XTR tray package has been designed and engineered to not just to be light weight, but extremely strong! Reuben has done extensive testing all across Australia on the XTR trays as part of DMW's research and development. They have been tested on long touring trips, rough corrugations, and even harshest of 4x4 tracks!

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The DMW XT tray is a staple tray here at DMW. With a 4" thick headboard and laser cut side profile, the XT tray gives your vehicle a custom tray appearance, yet retains excellent functionality. Designed and engineered to fit a DMW dual cab 200 Series conversion, the DMW XT Tray is a standout on a dual cab converted 200 Series!

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The DMW Premium steel tray is the perfect solution for people looking for a robust Australian made tray with a classic tray design. The Premium tray is the perfect tray for those who want a tray that  can handle the worksite during the week and trips away on the weekend!

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We specialise in innovative high quality, heavy-duty alloy canopies to suit the avid adventurer. Our products are professionally built in Australia, using Australian steel and aluminium, Australian expertise and designed for Australian conditions. We are a 100% locally owned business offering genuine backup and support and pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products Australia-wide.

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Available in two different wheelbase extensions, 450mm or 650mm, DMW dual cab conversions turn a regular 300 series Landcruiser wagon into the ultimate dirty muddy tourer. The DMW 300 Series Landcruiser conversion provides the complete package for our customers to get out there and forge their own path into the unknown.

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DMW are proud to present our Toyota Landcruiser XT200 Dual Cab Ute Conversion, the complete vehicle package for serious 4WD adventurers, farmers and tradies who need the best of both worlds, or for those that want the ultimate tourer for their around Australia trip.

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The Y62 is growing in popularity due to its durability and off-road capability. Paired with DMW's industry-leading conversion builds, you're sure to have a dirty muddy weekend. With plenty of power on tap, decent fuel economy figures and the ability to convert it into a touring machine, the DMW Y62 conversion build is an excellent option for many people.  The DMW Y62 dual cab conversion is a available in two different wheelbase extensions, 450mm & 650mm. This offers an excellent platform to build something that makes a great tourer, a beast off road or a combination of the two. The DMW Y62 conversion also includes a 3999kg GVM upgrade giving you a much higher weight capacity, making it ideal for those who love to hit the open road with a lot of gear.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Y62 Patrol Dual Cab Conversion Brochure

GVM Upgrades


The Landcruiser 200 Series is undoubtably Australia most versatile touring and family vehicle. With a great big V8 diesel engine and plenty of space, it ticks the box for many adventurers and families Australia wide. Unfortunately with only 620KG of payload available (and significantly less if you are towing at 3.5T), there is no question a GVM upgrade is essential!  Having an overloaded vehicle will not only make the car not ride well, you. may very well be uninsured and also liable in the event of an accident. Call us today to find out more. 


DMW GVM upgrade for the Landcruiser 300 series. With this upgrade, your Landcruiser will have a much higher weight capacity, making it ideal for those who love to hit the open road with a lot of gear. This conversion is perfect for those who want to travel with a family or group, as it will allow you to bring along everything you need for a comfortable trip. Whether you're looking to upgrade your Landcruiser for off-roading or simply want a vehicle that can handle more weight, the GVM upgrade is the perfect solution. There's no better way to explore the great outdoors than in a Landcruiser 300 series modified by DMW.


If you are a Y62 Patrol owner building a touring vehicle and wants to ensure it is safe, reliable and insured, the DMW GVM upgrade and project build service  is an excellent solution for a 'one stop shop' solution to your Y62 build.  Save time, and money by having the Y62 Patrol experts build your patrol. 

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