High-Performance Legendex Big Boy Intercooler - Superior Cooling & Boost for Off-Roading

Date Posted:29 January 2024 

Rev up your 4WD adventures with the Legendex Big Boy Intercooler! Designed for power and efficiency, this intercooler range transforms your vehicle into an off-road powerhouse.

Your Off-Road Performance evolved with Advanced Intercooler Technology.

Step up your off-roading game with the Legendex Big Boy Intercooler range, tailor-made for your rig to maximise power and economy. The Big Boy intercooler range isn't just an upgrade; it's a complete overhaul of your vehicle's cooling and performance capabilities, designed for the serious 4WD enthusiast.

Performance Charge Hose System for Unmatched Efficiency

Unlike the standard factory hoses that are prone to lag and boost loss due to expansion and airflow restriction, the Legendex Big Boy Intercooler comes equipped with a cutting-edge hose system. We've replaced the cheap plastic/rubber with high-grade stainless steel pipes, minimal silicone hose connections, and high-pressure clamps. This setup ensures that all the boost generated by your turbo is maintained and effectively delivered to your engine. More boost, resulting in maximum power and minimal lag means better economy and safe towing.

Superior Cooling for Enhanced Engine Performance

Experience significant gains in power with efficiently cooled charge-air temperatures. The Big Boy Intercooler facilitates better performance for towing, off-roading, and hill climbs. With improved engine efficiency, enjoy enhanced fuel economy and an extended lifespan for your engine.

Our tests reveal up to a 27% drop in charge-air outlet temperature when compared to factory results, and 55% less charge-air pressure drop.These results combined makes the Big Boy Intercooler up to 2x more efficient than stock. Vehicle-specific results are equally remarkable: for example the 3L Hilux achieves up to 3x cooler performance, and the 2.8L Colorado up to 2x better cooling.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Engine

More efficiency means they area denser, resulting in more oxygen in the engine for a stronger and more powerful burn. Achieve up to a 22% gain in torque compared to stock intercoolers, with up to 32% torque gains for a V8 Landcruiser, 17% for the 3L Hilux, and 29% for the 2.8L Colorado. The increase in torque and horsepower is evident across the everyday driving range, providing all-around performance enhancements.

Innovative Core Design for Optimal Protection and Efficiency

Our intercooler features a significantly larger core size compared to the standard model, while maintaining the original factory location for ease of installation as a direct replacement. Inside the intercooler, we have optimized the core position to minimize airflow restriction and maximize cooling efficiency, ensuring optimal performance and preventing damage during off-road driving.

Enhanced Tune-ability and Economy

The lower EGTs allow for more effective performance tuning, especially on DPF-equipped vehicles. The cooler charge air also leads to more efficient power generation, translating to significant fuel savings and prolonged engine life.

Tow with the confidence of a Roman Gladiator

With these enhancements, towing becomes not only safer but also more enjoyable. The additional power and torque generated by the engine instills a newfound confidence in drivers, especially when towing caravans or heavy loads. Experience towing like never before with the Legendex Big Boy Intercooler range, where power meets peace of mind.

The Legendex Big Boy Intercooler: Transform Your Off-Road Experience

Upgrade to the Legendex Big Boy Intercooler range and experience a new level of off-road performance and reliability. With its superior cooling technology, enhanced hose system, and increased power and efficiency, it's more than an intercooler; it's an essential upgrade for every serious off-road adventurer.

Legendex Big Boy features:

  • High-performance Australian-made intercooler core
  • Stainless Steel intake and hot pipe
  • High-Pressure Clamps
  • Minimal Number Of Silicone Joiners
  • Fitting Instructions

Legendex Big Boy Benefits:

  • Colder intake temps
  • Minimal pressure loss
  • Reduced turbo lag
  • Increase Torque
  • Increase Power
  • Better Fuel Economy

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