Go Berserker

What's a Berserker?

On the battlefield: A berserker was that freekin wild guy you definitely wanted on your side! These legendary Odin's warriors wore a wolf skin (with skull) and not much else. They roared in a battle rage, went without armour, bit the edge of their shields and fought in a trance-like fury - it's said that neither fire nor iron could touch them.

In our exhaust systems: A berserker pipe is a no-muffler pipe option that switches with the muffler pipe. They are intended for off-road use only. They roar like the legendary warrior and you have to be a little crazy to use one. When you go off-road - let the berserker in your 4WD roar!

Legendex Berserker

Berserker Facts: 

Sound - A berserker pipe is all about the sound. So if you think your 4WD sounds like a pussycat, then a full Legendex exhaust sounds like a big-daddy lion saying "this is my territory!" ... and the Legendex Berserker is that same bad-ass lion - but now he's pissed! But running with a Berserker is not excessively loud or obnoxious - you won't make enemies of your neighbours - that's because modern diesel turbos do a lot of silencing to the exhaust sound.

Power - Because our Legendex mufflers are a superior high-flow design - there is less than 1% performance difference on the dyno between a full Legendex system and a Legendex Berserker. 

Easy Switch - Berserker pipes are quick and easy to swap out with the muffler section - you can do it beside the track without jack or hoist. Undo a few flange bolts at each end of the muffler pipe section - swap in the Berserker - and you're done in about 5 minutes.

Many off-road enthusiasts get a full exhaust system PLUS a berserker (no-muffler) pipe. We call this the Special OPs package. When they intend to go off road it's a quick job beside the track to swap out the muffler pipe with the berserker pipe. The change-over process only takes a few minutes. It involves undoing 4 flange bolts and one or two hanger fittings, switching the pipes and doing up the bolts and hangers.