ECU Remaps




A Legendex Remap will give your vehicle -

  • Better Driveability

  • Better Fuel Economy

  • Enhanced Throttle Response

  • Reduced “Turbo-Lag”

  • Easier Towing

  • Safer Overtaking



What is Legendex's Remapping?

Remapping or Flash Tuning, is a comprehensive procedure to alter several key parameters in the vehicle's ECU (Engine Control Unit) including…

  • Injection Timing

  • Boost Control

  • Fuel Delivery

  • and Torque Limiters, to name a few.

Most vehicles will experience a substantial increase in power and torque - resulting in more responsive driving experience. More power and torque means you'll be off the throttle sooner, so you'll experience fuel savings as well.

Results may vary from vehicle to vehicle; other variables to consider include exhaust systems, intercoolers, tyre size and general health and condition of the engine.



6 Reasons Why Legendex Remaps are the safer, smarter choice!

1. Developed in Australia for our unique conditions

Factory maps are generally written by the manufacturer to cover the widest range of conditions worldwide. This results in reduced performance compared to a map written for a specific region. Legendex Remaps are written for Australia’s unique conditions  including climate, elevation, emissions control, and diesel fuel quality. 

2. Operate within manufacturer’s engine safety parameters

Be wary of wild claims of massive power gains and fuel economy. Some of these claimed gains are simply fiction and some are the result of pushing the engine way beyond the manufacturer’s safe engine operating parameters - which can prove extremely costly in the long-term. Legendex Remaps are written to keep your engine running more efficiently and stay well within the safe engine operating parameters.

3. So safe, we give a “Balance of New Car Warranty”

Legendex has built it’s trusted name in Australia on providing premium quality and service. The power gains
and fuel economy from a Legendex Remap is so safe we offer a ‘Balance of New Car Warranty’ on your engine. So whatever amount of new car warranty is remaining on your vehicle when we put in the remap - that’s the term of warranty we give you.

4. Designed for what Australian’s expect from their 4wd

Manufacturers often produce a tiered range of models. While the models have cosmetic differences and varying ranges of performance (power and torque) - in many cases the engines within the model range are largely identical - they just change the ECU map to produce greater of lesser power. Legendex Remaps remove these artificial limitations to your engine - giving you the power that you expect from your 4wd - day-to-day driving, towing and offroad action.

5. Satisfaction 60-day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not delighted with how your vehicle drives after being remapped, we’ll return your vehicle to standard and refund your money.

6. Legendex 10-year Remap Software Warranty

Every Legendex remap is designed to ensure your complete peace of mind and continued service. We offer a 10 year warranty against software faults. If the installation becomes faulty, we will re-install it free of charge. A professionally remapped engine will not cause technical faults with a well serviced and maintained engine.