Legendex Top Mount Intercooler kit 

Toyota Land Cruiser 76/78/79 Series 4.5Ltr TD V8 2007-2023 


Unleash the Beast: Legendex Top Mount Big Boy Intercooler for 70 Series 4.5Ltr TD V8 (2007-2023)

Experience Unmatched Towing Power and Off-Road Dominance

Redefine Power and Cooling for Your 70 Series V8: Transform your 70 Series 4.5Ltr TD V8 with the Legendex Top Mount Big Boy Intercooler – a monumental leap in intercooler technology. This upgrade is not just an enhancement; it's a complete revolution, perfectly suited for the hardcore 4WD enthusiast and the serious tower.

Tailored for Extreme Performance: Custom-engineered for the 70 Series 4.5Ltr TD V8, this intercooler delivers extraordinary power boosts by efficiently managing charge-air temperatures. It’s the ultimate solution for heavy-duty towing, challenging off-road escapades, and conquering steep terrain. Expect enhanced engine efficiency, improved fuel economy, and prolonged engine longevity.

Advanced Cooling, Proven by Rigorous Testing: The Legendex Top Mount Big Boy Intercooler significantly reduces charge-air outlet temperature while minimising charge-air pressure drop. This results in a cooling performance far surpasses standard models, making it a must-have for the 70 Series.

Empower Your Vehicle with Incredible Torque: Experience a remarkable increase in torque and horsepower, critical for towing and off-road adventures. The 70 Series 4.5Ltr TD V8 will benefit from this substantial enhancement, making a noticeable difference in everyday driving and particularly in demanding situations.

Innovative Design for Optimal Efficiency: The core size for the 70 Series has been substantially increased and positioned for maximum effectiveness and protection. This design ensures resilience against off-road damage while maximising performance output.

Superior Tuning for Enhanced Driving Experience: The design of this intercooler allows for lower Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs), providing more scope for fine-tuned performance, especially in DPF-equipped models. This leads to an optimized driving experience that’s hard to beat.

Economy and Durability Combined: The Legendex Top Mount Big Boy Intercooler is not just about superior cooling; it’s about transforming your vehicle’s overall efficiency. Expect significant fuel economy improvements and reduced engine wear, ensuring your 70 Series is ready for more miles of adventure.

Experience the Legendex Difference: Equip your 70 Series 4.5Ltr TD V8 with the Legendex Top Mount Big Boy Intercooler and elevate your towing and off-road experiences to new heights. This upgrade is more than an intercooler; it’s a commitment to exceptional performance and unrivalled towing power.

The Legendex Big Boy Intercooler: Transform Your Off-Road Experience

Upgrade to the Legendex Top Mount Big Boy Intercooler and experience a new level of off-road performance and reliability. With its superior cooling technology, enhanced hose system, and increased power and efficiency, it's more than an intercooler; it's an essential upgrade for every serious off-road adventurer.

Legendex Big Boy features:

  • High-performance Australian-made intercooler core
  • Stainless Steel intake and hot pipe
  • High-Pressure Clamps
  • Minimal Number Of Silicone Joiners
  • Fitting Instructions

Legendex Big Boy Benefits:

  • Colder intake temps
  • Minimal pressure loss
  • Reduced turbo lag
  • Increase Torque
  • Increase Power
  • Better Fuel Economy

Legendex Contact: Call 07 3203 2333 or contact us here: Legendex Enquiry Form


Temp compare1
This example achieved up to 6% drop in charge-air outlet temp and 55% less charge-ar pressure drop - that's up to 2x more efficient than stock  - results will vary between vehicles. Up to 2x better cooling efficiency for a V8 Landcruiser (pictured). The 3L Hilux achieved up to 3x cooler than stock, while the 2.8L Colorado achieved up to 2x better cooling.

Big Cool

Superior low-speed cooling… over two times more efficient cooling than stock. Huge improvement for towing uphill and off-road driving. Larger capacity, bigger, better plumbing and flow dynamics.

intercooler dyno V8 RD v7









Brand Big Boy Intercooler
Shipping Weight 18.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.510m
Shipping Height 0.150m
Shipping Length 1.150m
Shipping Cubic 0.087975000m3

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