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Ultra tough with serious grunt and rumble, our range of performance products for both Hilux and LandCruiser will give you more power, better fuel economy and cooler engine temperatures.

Toyota Performance, Protection, and Accessories

There are good reasons people buy their Toyota performance products from Legendex – some are looking for a performance upgrade, others are looking for more power for towing and four-wheel-driving, and others are looking to reduce engine temperature.

Whatever your reason for looking into Land Cruiser or Hilux performance upgrades, we’ve got the solution for you.

Toyota offroad performance parts come in all different shapes and sizes, each designed to enhance the performance of your Toyota vehicle. Let's take a closer look at the different types of performance parts available:

Exhausts - Performance exhaust systems are designed to improve your engine's airflow, which can increase horsepower and torque. They can also produce a deeper, more aggressive sound.

Rock Sliders - Rock sliders are a must-have for Toyota off-road enthusiasts. They're designed to protect your vehicle's undercarriage from rocks and other obstacles.

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When you combine our performance products, you can expect up to 40% power gains when installing our performance exhausts.

Benefits of Purchasing Toyota Offroad Performance Parts from Legendex

Regarding quality offroad performance parts for Toyota vehicles, Legendex Performance Parts is the go-to choice for enthusiasts. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Legendex.

Top Quality - We use the highest quality materials to ensure our products perform to the highest level.

Peace Of Mind - All products have a comprehensive warranty, giving customers peace of mind.

Our Expertise -  Legendex has provided offroad performance parts for Toyota vehicles for years, giving them unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

Customer Service - Legendex prides itself on providing top-notch customer service, making it easy for customers to get the information they need.

Availability - We offer a wide range of Toyota offroad performance parts in stock, making it easy to find what you need for your specific vehicle.

Choose Legendex as your Toyota Offroad Parts Provider

As a Toyota offroad enthusiast, you need performance parts that are reliable, durable, and built to last. By choosing Legendex Performance Parts, you're guaranteed top-quality products to enhance your vehicle's offroad capabilities.

So why settle for subpar performance parts when you can choose the best? Order from Legendex Performance Parts today and take your Toyota offroad experience to new heights.

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