Legendex Front Mount Big Boy Intercooler for Mitsubishi Triton MQ 2015-18 2.4Ltr TD: Elevate Your Off-Road and Towing Capabilities

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mitsubishi Triton MQ with State-of-the-Art Cooling Technology

Experience Unparalleled Performance Upgrades: Transform your Mitsubishi Triton MQ 2015-18 2.4Ltr TD with the Legendex Front Mount Big Boy Intercooler. This isn't just a simple enhancement; it's a revolutionary upgrade designed to supercharge your vehicle's cooling efficiency. Tailored for the serious 4WD enthusiast and towing professional, this intercooler is your key to unlocking new levels of performance and reliability.

Designed for Extreme Conditions: The Legendex Front Mount Big Boy Intercooler is engineered to meet the demands of the Mitsubishi Triton MQ. By effectively managing charge-air temperatures, it unlocks significant power improvements, making it indispensable for heavy towing, navigating challenging terrains, and ensuring robust off-road adventures. Benefit from enhanced engine efficiency, resulting in better fuel economy and a longer engine lifespan.

Superior Cooling Efficiency: With its ability to significantly lower charge-air outlet temperatures and reduce charge-air pressure drop, the Legendex Big Boy Intercooler sets a new standard in cooling performance. This critical upgrade is designed for Triton MQ owners seeking to achieve peak vehicle performance.

Boost in Torque and Horsepower: Prepare to experience a remarkable increase in torque and horsepower, crucial for those demanding towing tasks and off-road challenges. The Mitsubishi Triton MQ 2015-18 2.4Ltr TD will see significant performance gains, elevating your driving experience and enhancing the vehicle’s overall capability.

Innovative Core Design for Optimal Performance: The intercooler features an enlarged core size, specifically optimized for the Mitsubishi Triton MQ, ensuring the perfect balance of efficiency and protection. This strategic design maximizes performance while protecting against potential off-road damage.

Enhanced Tunability for Peak Performance: Tailored to accommodate lower Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs), the Big Boy Intercooler facilitates more precise performance tuning. This feature is particularly advantageous for DPF-equipped vehicles, promising an optimized performance that sets your Triton MQ apart.

Economic and Durable Solution: Beyond its superior cooling capabilities, the Legendex Front Mount Big Boy Intercooler enhances your vehicle's overall efficiency. Expect significant fuel savings and reduced engine wear, preparing your Mitsubishi Triton MQ for countless adventures ahead.

Elevate Your Mitsubishi Triton MQ Experience: By upgrading with the Legendex Front Mount Big Boy Intercooler, you're not just enhancing your vehicle; you're investing in unmatched performance and towing power. Make the leap and transform your Triton MQ into an off-road and towing powerhouse.

Legendex Big Boy Features:

  • High-performance Australian-made intercooler core
  • Stainless Steel intake and hot pipe
  • High-Pressure Clamps
  • Minimal Number Of Silicone Joiners
  • Comprehensive Fitting Instructions

Legendex Big Boy Benefits:

  • Cooler intake temperatures
  • Minimal pressure loss
  • Reduced turbo lag for quicker response
  • Increased torque and power
  • Improved fuel economy for longer journeys

Get in Touch: Ready to upgrade your Mitsubishi Triton MQ? Contact us at 07 3203 2333 or through the Legendex Enquiry Form: https://www.legendex.com.au/form/contact-us/ for more information and to begin your journey towards superior performance and efficiency.


Brand Big Boy Intercooler
Shipping Weight 56.0000kg

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