3.0Ltr 2006 - 2015 D4D 

Cool Under Pressure

Move over kiddies - the Big Boys are here! Big, new, man-size plumbing so even the hardest working bloke (and his 4WD) can stay cool under pressure. With more efficiently cooled charged-air temperatures, you get great power gains. That means better performance for towing, off-road and hillclimbs. A more efficient engine means better fuel economy and longer engine life..

Temp compare1
The Navara NP300 achieved up to 6% drop in charge-air outlet temp and 55% less charge-ar pressure drop - that's up to 2x more efficient than stock  - results will vary between vehicles. Up to 2x better cooling efficiency for a V8 Landcruiser (pictured). The 3L Hilux achieved up to 3x cooler than stock, while the 2.8L Colorado achieved up to 2x better cooling.

Big Cool

Superior low-speed cooling… over two times more efficient cooling than stock. Huge improvement for towing uphill and off-road driving. Larger capacity, bigger, better plumbing and flow dynamics.

intercooler dyno V8 RD v7
The Navara NP300 achieved up to 22% gain in torque compared to stock (dyno pic to come)- results differ between vehicle. Up to 32% torque gains for a V8 Landcruiser (pictured). The 3L Hilux achieved up to 17% torque gains, while the 2.8L Colorado achieved up to 29% gains.

Big Power

Significant torque/hp gains in the everyday driving range with all-round gains as well. As the Big Boy intercoolers range continues to grow we will endeavor to provide the performance stats on each vehicle. Note: results may differ between vehicles.  


Big Core - Better Location

We have increased the core size dramatically compared to the stock core and moved it up to a safer position than stock. The stock position is so low that it is easily damaged in off-road driving.  



Big Tune-ability

Lower EGTs give tuners greater variables to work with than stock intercoolers. At last you can get performance tuning on DPF-equipped vehicles. 

Big Economy

Fuel savings are a big bonus. Cooler charge air from the Big Boy intercooler produces more efficient power - and that translates directly to less fuel consumption - and longer engine life because the engine is not having to work as hard.




Brand Big Boy Intercooler
Shipping Weight 15.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.650m
Shipping Height 0.350m
Shipping Length 0.650m
Shipping Cubic 0.147875000m3

Quick and Easy

By: on 12 September 2018
Gday, I ordered just the inter cooler, delivered quickly (2 to 3days), Only took 34 min to install and I'm just a simple sparky... so pretty much anyone could do it. I did have to cut down the throttle body silicone hose around 15mm to stop it fouling on the sensor bracket. Any Power increase??.......feels smoother and more responsive carrying around 400kg. It is an auto and it doesn't downshift anymore at 80km/h going up a long incline on my way to work. 4 stars because I had to cut the hose and I'm a sook hahahaha would have been 5 Stars :) Happy with it, thanks guys :)

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