Building the Ultimate Suzuki Jimny Offroad Beast

Author: Legendex  Date Posted:23 April 2024 

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Suzuki Jimny — Enhance Your Touring Experience

Embark on an unforgettable journey with your Suzuki Jimny by exploring these expert tips and versatile options designed to maximize your touring pleasure. Whether you're weaving through city streets or conquering rugged landscapes, our tailored advice will help you get the most out of your adventures. Dive into our comprehensive guide and discover how to elevate your touring experience with your Jimny to legendary status.



Getting the most power and torque to the ground

One of the first upgrades to consider for your Jimny is the exhaust. With two options, Legendex can provide more power and torque to your Jimny without major engine upgrades. The choice is yours with our easy-to-fit cat back exhaust system or our high-power full extractor back system for those who like a little bit more of a challenge.


Due to the high-flow design of the Jimny exhaust system, the Jimny cat-back exhaust will deliver a great exhaust note and give you better low-down torque than the original exhaust. The Jimny Cat Back system has been designed to fit at home with basic mechanical experience and tools. It utilises all the factory exhaust hangers and comes in short sections for ease of fitment.

The Legendex Full Replacement extractor and exhaust combo:

For those who want the most low-down torque, power and economy possible without expensive engine modifications, choose the Legendex extractor back system. With all the advantages of the Legendex cat-back system, this packaged in enhanced by the original Genie Performance Header, taking your Jimny to the next level.

Jimny header back exhaust system by legendex







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Legendex Snorkel - Suzuki Jimny JB74

Step up to the ultimate in styling, quality and durability today.

Legendex Suzuki Jimny Snorkels have hit the 4WD market and stepped up the game up to a new level. Designed and manufactured right here in Queensland, our snorkels are engineered to give a unique Legendex sound. 

Close attention has been paid to finish the product so it looks the goods on your ride. Powder-coated black with the famous Legendex Spartan logo end cap to top it off the Legendex snorkel will look Mint on you 4x4.

It's not all show, you need the go, with more airflow capacity than factory snorkels, Legendex snorkels are the perfect mod for your 4x4, delivering crisper, clearer air, sealed from the environment using the highest quality silicone joiners and hardware.


Now that you have the power to the ground and the most torque that can be safely generated from your engine, it is time to consider some ground clearance. The Suzuki Jimny suspension kit from Legendex has been hand-picked to give you the best option for your Jimny.



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Let's talk about protection for your offroad, Jimny.

Heading offroad is an exciting adventure that will present you with a number of opportunities to test your Jimny to its limits. You can explore the Australian tracks with more confidence, knowing your investment is protected by the Bullbar and slider products offered by Legendex. Dive into your options below with the Predator Jimny Bullbar and the treied and tested Legendex Rock Slider.

Suzuki Jimny JB74 | Predator Bull Bar



The JB74 Suzuki Jimny is such a cool little rig. We like it so much here at Offroad Animal we bought one. Now while it's super cool looking it is lacking a bit of front end protection. The Offroad Animal Predator bar not only protects the front end, but offers a great place for a winch and lights. This super strong bar also transforms the Jimnys' looks. Bring on the great aggressive look that allows greater approach angle for heading off-road and you have the best bar for your Jimny Possible.  The bar is also super light and comes standard with a bash plate and recovery points.   

Jimny 4WD Winch Bullbar


  • Protect the front end of your Jimny from Animal strikes as well as offroad obstacles
  • Place to mount driving lights (including integrated light bar inside bull bar
  • Great place to mount an electric winch
  • Recovery points included as standard. 
  • Light weight design 
  • Great airflow through open front
  • Winch compatible, suits ATV and full size winches (ATV preferred for the little Jimny)
  • Looks bloody amazing


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Suzuki Jimny JB74 Rock Sliders

Off-roaders, it's time to get serious about rock slider protection for your Suzuki Jimny JB74. Premium rock sliders from Legendex are made of heavy-duty 4mm x 4mm x 50 box steel tubing, with ultra strong brackets that securely cup the chassis tightly so there's no movement that can cause damage when you hit the toughest tracks. Get rock solid protection and a slick military look with these rock sliders - exclusive to Legendex - they're without a doubt the strongest rock slider on the market.

Reinforced with military-style reverse dimple-die plates for optimum strength, foot grip and drainage, Legendex rock sliders have earned a reputation for being the most robust, reliable and durable protection on the market. The modern look of these rock sliders is not to be overlooked - they are ADR Compliant Airbag Compatable with a unique stepped-rear design that punches 3-4 inches away from the rut as you slide, providing extra protection around your sill and rear panels. It is also incredibly easy to install; rock sliders cup and bolt directly over your chassis. And if the terrain is particularly challenging, our rock slider design offers an integrated location where you can use a high lift jack. In short, Legendex rock sliders provide all the necessary tools to brave any offroading challenge.

Key Features:

  • Durable powder-coating for protection
  • Unique rear stepped design
  • Military style reversed dimple-die played for foot grip and drainage
  • Bolts directly over the chassis
  • The strongest sill and lower panel protection
  • Angled up for superior clearances
  • Air-bag compliant


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The Carbon Offroad Tank 6000 lb Capacity winch for small 4wds, caravans, trailers, boats.

A small compact winch with integrated mounting plate makes mounting this winch is as simple as it can get to an exisitng pedestal on a trailer, or into a winch location on an small form factor bar. With wireless and wired remote control included free, it's a very versatile winch setup. Perfect for small car and equipment trailers, great to mount in the back of a van to help load heavy equipment and has even been used to load tinnys and open cattle gates on Livestock Truck Trailers. A great small all rounder winch to make work easier or to get your Jimny or trailer out of the bog.

Features and Benefits

  • Sealed motor and geartrain allows for flawless operations in extreme conditions
  • Permanent magnet motor provides heavy duty torque for increased pulling power
  • Cam action disengages gears for near silent free-spooling
  • Mechanical and dynamic brake offers increased control and prevents rollback





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