Ford 4WD performance upgrades

Legendex Ford Range

If you’ve got an Everest or Ranger in the driveway, we know you’ve got plans for it on the weekend! Be it towing the caravan or getting up to the axles in mud out on the track, who could argue with better fuel economy and more power for the job? That’s exactly what a Legendex Ford exhaust kit gives you and you can install it yourself!

Aftermarket Ford exhausts, PCM’s, throttle controllers and accessories

We get it – you’re looking for more power and performance from your 4WD. We help you tame the tracks with our Ford aftermarket performance kits and accessories – and the best part is they’re easy to install. 

Ford performance exhausts for that extra grunt and rumble

With a bunch of amazing features like ceramic-coated dump pipes, high-spec high-flow cats, ultra-strong flat-bar hangers and 409 stainless steel tube, our performance exhaust systems will help you tame any track you take your Everest or Ranger on!

Ranger or Everest – we’ve got you covered

We love them both as they’re both great vehicles so we make sure we’ve got you covered when it comes to Ford Ranger performance accessories and Ford Everest performance accessories. 

Legendex exhausts can simultaneously give you a cooler and more powerful engine because the hand-crafted ceramic dump pipes reduce the heat source in the engine bay by 200 degrees (and we ain’t talking Fahrenheit!). This adds power where it counts and it’s perfect for towing on those long hill climbs. 

How does it sound?

We’ve got options for either the Tourer or you can go full beast mode and get the Berserker to give you that awesome grunt and rumble that’s synonymous with our Ford Ranger exhaust upgrades. It’s sure to put a smile on your dial!

Don’t believe us – take a listen for yourself on the videos below:-