Rogue Molle Rear Folding Tables

Molle Storage Panel combined with folding level table

Legendex is focused on being Australia's Off-Road Manufacturer and has delivered a new first to the market, the Rogue Molle folding table solution for the Suzuki Jimny, 76 LandCruiser & Jeep Wrangler.

The Rogue Molle crew have worked closely with the 4WD communities to identify what vehicles need to be more practical on the tracks. The number one feedback was storage space. Our in-house design team has met the challenge front on with a range of Molle inspired panels that give you storage in wasted spaces. Our folding table does this in two ways. The Molle panel allows you to mount gear on the rear door of the vehicle. A great spot for tools, first aid, cutlery, and Molle pouches, limited only by your own imagination.

The Rear Molle panel then folds down to give you a flat stable table for camping, working or somewhere to rest your snacks eliminating the need to pack a camp table when you go bush or beach.

The third challenge set to us was weight. Every Kilo counts, and the timber tables were adding unnecessary weight. The Legendex Rogue Molle folding table has been made out of 3mm Aluminium giving strength, style and lightweight all in one package.

Australian Made, Australian Design, Australian Supply

Legendex is dedicated to local manufacturing and the Rogue Molle is focused on this philosophy. The Legendex Rogue Molle folding tables are proudly built, assembled and manufactured in Australia.


  • 3mm Aluminium

  • Rogue Molle inspired mounting panel

  • Black Powdercoat

  • Lightweight

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