Mitsubishis are built tough. Legendex makes them tougher.


We know why you love your Triton. It’s a 1 ton pickup that drives like a car and has the power to get you where you need to go, whatever or wherever your adventure might be. Now we make that better. 

Work the week and wallop the weekend

We love the fact that the Mitsubishi Triton can be a tradies ute during the week, but on the weekends that’s when you can open it up and see what it can do. Our range of Triton exhaust upgrades will give you a power increase of at least 10% (up to 40% if you install a PCM mod / chip with it) and give you a sound you will never get sick of hearing. 

Our Mitsubishi performance products range

We stock after market performance products for the following models:- 

Power and performance that’s safe, reliable and easy to install yourself 

Getting extra power to your vehicle when you need it puts you at ease when going up those long steady climbs that put a strain on most stock systems. With a Mitsubishi aftermarket exhaust and PCM you’ve got enough power to overtake and manoeuvre safely no matter the road conditions or the load you’re towing.

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