Nissan Patrol Offroad Products

Nissan Patrol

You made a great decision buying a Nissan Patrol. And now you’ve discovered where smart Patrol owners come for more power, more towing torque, greater engine efficiency/engine life, better fuel economy, more responsive control and the best off-road protection Australia has to offer.

Our Nissan Patrol Ofraod Products range includes: performance exhausts, snorkels, rocksliders, bullbars and more 4WD accessories turn Australia’s harshest tracks into your playground.

The Nissan Patrol is a well run model that’s been around since the 1950’s is rugged and capable and we’ve got performance parts for the GU - 3L TD Ute 05/1998 to 2017, GU - 3L TD Wagon 05/1998 to 2017, GU - 4.2L TD Ute 05/1998 to 2017 and GU - 4.2L TD Wagon 05/1998 to 2017 models.

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