Smart. Powerful. Efficient. You’re going to love our Nissan performance products.

Legendex Nissan Range

Strong and dependable, our range of Nissan Navara or Nissan Patrol performance products will have you tearing up backroads, beaches and blacktop wherever you can find it. 

If more power, precision and a rumble you can feel in your guts is what you’re looking for, Legendex has the range for you.

Less lag, more power. What’s not to love?

Legendex combines the best of 409 grade stainless steel, an 800 degree thermal coating and 30% thicker dump pipes than our competitors. Getting yourself a Legendex exhaust and chip for your Nissan Navara or Patrol will give you less turbo lag and more responsive power. 

Get a sound you didn’t know was possible from your Nissan. 

If you’re travelling into a harsh environment you want to make sure your equipment is up for the challenge. Power and performance is always welcome but the thing that really puts a grin on ya mug is the sound. Check out the video below to hear a Stock vs Legendex vs Legendex w/ Beserker

If you’re looking to fire up your fourby,  tune your tailpipe or modify your muffler, get your hands on our range of Nissan performance products today. 

Our Nissan performance products range

We stock after market performance products for the following models:- 

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