Built like a BT-50 just got better

Mazda BT50

We all know BT-50’s are built tough from the ground up, but we make them tougher. Our performance exhausts for the Mazda BT-50 range are the only Australian manufactured exhaust system to offer an off-road warranty and the best thing about our exhausts is they’re super easy to install yourself without the need for special tools.

If you’re looking for Legendary power gains, easier, safer towing and better fuel economy pick yourself up a Legendex exhaust today.

Get some grunt and rumble in your Zoom Zoom with our UN - 3.0Ltr, 11/2006-10/2011 and UP/UR - 3.2Ltr, 10/2011+ exhausts for the Mazda BT-50.

If you’re looking for 3 inch exhausts that will give your BT-50 more power and performance, talk to us today. We offer the only Australian Mazda exhaust systems with an off-road warranty.

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