Mazda performance exhausts, PCM’s and throttle controllers. Get the job done with Legendex.

Mazda BT50 Legendex Range

Get your hands on Australia’s premier 3” stainless off-road exhaust system for the tough Mazda 4WD range. Our range of Mazda performance exhaust systems will not only give you more power, it will assist your engine life and economy. Let’s take a look at why Legendex exhaust systems are some of Australia’s best.

Power & performance for your Mazda

If you choose to install just the exhaust system you can expect at least a 10% increase in power gains – combine that with one of our chips (PCM Mod) and we’ve seen up to 24% gains on the dyno.

So if performance and power is what you’re after, take a look at our range and choose the exhaust type for your vehicle.

That sound! Go full beast mode 

We all know that power and performance is the main reason we upgrade and modify our vehicles, but you can’t go past turning your Mazda into a monster and hearing that rumble when you turn the key and drop your foot. 

We’re in the process of putting together a Mazda video, but if you want to hear what our exhaust systems sound like take a look at our Toyota, Nissan and Ford pages. 

Better fuel economy

When you install a Mazda exhaust upgrade (particularly with a Mazda bt50 chip) it’s a given that you’ll get more power, grunt and a fat sound, but did you realise that better fuel economy is a happy byproduct of installing one of our systems?