Legendex Holden Colorado Range

Holden Colorado Range

Power gains, improved towing & fuel economy – sounds like a pretty powerful combination doesn’t it? It’s a big call we know, but we’re so confident in our tough-as-nails performance exhausts for your Holden that we offer you an unrivaled 10 year warranty. Try and get that from any other exhaust manufacturer!

A quick DIY before your next big adventure

Legendex creates and stocks easily DIYable exhaust kits, PCM’s, throttle controllers and Holden Colorado accessories that are easy to fit and give unparalleled results. This means before your next big adventure you can install more power, more grunt and definitely more rumble. 

Greater control and power on the blacktop if you’re towing a boat or caravan and more bite when you need it on those off-the-beaten-track ruts and washouts. Don’t wait – order online today.

Cooler engine temps = better performance and no overheating

When you’re on the road for long haul trips or you’ve got a lengthy uphill crawl with a caravan on the back to get over the range, it’s common for engines to run hot. 

With a Legendex exhaust system for your Holden you can be sure that you will see a reduction in engine temperature by 100-200 degrees C. 

This means more time for touring and less time on the side of the road.