Isuzu performance upgrades that boost power and reduce engine heating

Legendex Isuzu Range

When it comes to getting more power for your Dmax or MU-X, Legendex has you covered. Unleash the beast with our range of performance exhausts and if you really want to go behemoth mode you can look at our range of Berserker systems.

Legendex – Australian, DIY performance upgrades for Isuzu Dmax and MU-X

We’ve created the benchmark in new, aftermarket stainless steel exhaust systems in the Australian market. This means you get a quality product at reasonable pricing with a 10 year structural guarantee. Try getting that anywhere else!

When you start installing your performance exhaust system you’ll notice there are quite a few differences to a stock model. First thing you will see the ceramic-coated dump pipe that changes the difference between heat and restrictions from your run-of-the-mill exhaust. 

You will find that typically our cats are further back that allows the right amount of torque and assists in getting the heat out of the system, thus helping to cool your engine. 

Go bush with some extra grunt and rumble

Hit the track and get down and dirty with no worries about clearance of hits to your system because we have changed the flex positions to give more clearance. We also offer Australia’s only Off-road Warranty

You’ll also notice a big difference in the size of our mufflers. Stock units are typically large and bulky with lots of welds and baffles whereas our Isuzu mufflers have a three inch design with a stainless steel core that gives you high flow to get the heat out and gives a great sound!

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